Rocco Nicholls
AKA "Zoro"
Web Development/Instructor
5'10" 180 lbs

Rocco is a long time Parkour and FreeRunning enthusiast and excited about ParkourUtah.com. This site is his creation. Having suffered an injury related to FreeRunning in the past, he has never lost his love for the sport. What may catch you off-guard is that he is from South Africa and loves riding motorcycles. But those aren’t the surprises, somehow over the years he got the nickname Zoro. With one R. We will let your mind wander about how that all came to be.

Ryan Sannar
5'6" 175 lbs

Passion, Desire, and commitment to the sport of Parkour are what describes Ryan. After 10 years of doing Parkour and introducing countless others to the sport, Ryan has found a love for helping others learn and perfect Parkour. Running dive rolls are Ryan's signature move. With all his experience with martial arts and Parkour, Ryan has been able to choreograph many fight scenes for film and theater. For extra credit Ryan enjoys making unique dishes in the kitchen. Ryan's favorite meal is anything with extra garlic.

Hyrum Wendel

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