Rocco Nicholls
AKA "Zoro"
Web Development/Instructor
5'10" 180 lbs

Rocco is a long time Parkour and FreeRunning enthusiast and excited about ParkourUtah.com. This site is his creation. Having suffered an injury related to FreeRunning in the past, he has never lost his love for the sport. What may catch you off-guard is that he is from South Africa and loves riding motorcycles. But those aren’t the surprises, somehow over the years he got the nickname Zoro. With one R. We will let your mind wander about how that all came to be.

Tony Mungiguerra
5'5" 150 lbs

Tony has been an instructor for Parkour for a great length of time. He finds himself as an "in between" Parkour and FreeRunning style. If you really want to debate that there is a difference; his opinion: all moves are an equally awesome expression of movement. Tony has a distinct eye for fashion and loves to express himself through style and appearance. Don’t ask him to cook for you though, he recently dropped out of culinary school.

William May
AKA "Scott"
5'6" 164 lbs

Scott is a passionate and committed Parkour instructor. His love for the sport started in 2011 and has focused on Flow with a heavy emphasis on precision. His favorite move is a Russian front flip. Scott has a unique interest- he has a deep love for 50’s-70’s Folk Music. Don’t be surprised to hear singing while he is bouncing off the walls.

Ryan Sannar
5'6" 175 lbs

Passion, Desire, and commitment to the sport of Parkour are what describes Ryan. After 10 years of doing Parkour and introducing countless others to the sport, Ryan has found a love for helping others learn and perfect Parkour. Running dive rolls are Ryan's signature move. With all his experience with martial arts and Parkour, Ryan has been able to choreograph many fight scenes for film and theater. For extra credit Ryan enjoys making unique dishes in the kitchen. Ryan's favorite meal is anything with extra garlic.

Walker Hardinger

Justin Spencer
AKA "Captain Awesome"
5'10" 190 lbs

After painfully discovering that he had gotten fat, Justin came to the realization that he needed to do something extreme to keep up with his five active boys. Four years ago Justin began his Parkour experience. Having several businesses, he decided to create structure to the Utah Parkour scene. With the help of others it has grown into what it is today. What you may not know about Justin is that he loves to fly airplanes and practice Yoga. Obviously not at the same time.

Ian Chapline

Chris Sannar
5'9" 160lbs

Ryson Shalvis

Stephen Lanteri
6'2" 195 lbs

Doing Parkour for three years and being A.D.A.P.T. certified, Parkour is life for Stephen. He is a big believer in the purist style of Parkour and loves the speed vault. Don’t let his height scare you. He is a little kid inside, and a great instructor. In fact, the kid is very much alive inside of him. He still loves 90’s dance music and isn’t afraid to roll with the windows down to technotronic. Pump up the Jam!!

Daniel Bown

Gerard Black
AKA "Gerry"

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